Our Story

Meehee Hanbok is a Los Angeles-based hanbok boutique that specializes in  high quality, hand-crafted hanbok dresses and hanbok-inspired garments.

We're proud of our Korean culture and the fashion and traditions that come with it. And we're also proud of our place here in the Los Angeles area, where we were founded and have been making hanbok and dressing our clients since 1987. 


What we specialize in

Our specialty is couture hanbok, meaning we love to create a hanbok that is specifically designed according to your individual body and style. These garments are unique works of art that we enjoy creating and they end up becoming valued family heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. Stop by in person for a fitting and take part in the process of designing your very own hanbok!

We design hanbok for events like weddings, baby Dohl and 100 Day (Baek-il) celebrations, and also design modern pieces for everyday wear and other special occasions. We have been notably featured in Vogue Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, and our garments can often be seen on the red carpet.