Fabric Care

How to care for your Hanbok 

Our Hanbok are made from 100% silk, though a resilient material, silk is delicate and must be properly cared for. 

When not being worn, make sure to store your hanbok in the clothing zip bag that was provided at purchase. This will keep your hanbok safe from outside elements and silk-eating bugs. 


For minor spills, spot clean with a damp cloth or take your garment to a professional cleaner and make sure they are aware that the garment is made from 100% silk. 


Because most of our garments are 100% silk, wrinkles are inevitable. Unless you have a piece that is definitely made from washable silk or polyester, please do not steam or wash your garment in a washing machine. Do not throw your garment in the dryer. To get rid of wrinkles, use an iron on medium heat, and be sure to put a cotton cloth between the silk and the iron. Make sure this is done on an ironing board. Do not spray or wet the silk while ironing or you may get water stains.